Shen-Ya Pharmaceuticals

Shén Yā are a world-renowned pharmaceutical conglomerate based in China. They do business on a global scale and also develop highly sought-after military applications. They are believed to be one of several corporate sponsors of Blue Umbrella PMC and do business with the illegal side of the company run by former rulers of the rival company. When Blue Umbrella developed prototype Anti-B.O.W. weapons and equipment, these products were secretly tested by mercenaries in classified simulated battle tests.

Shén Yā sent representatives to observe these trials in 2012 and evaluate the merchandise on show. This led to the company purchasing anti B.O.W. equipment such as the ‘Brainer’, and ‘Zombie Jammer’; – a specialised device that disorientates t-Virus infected by emitting a special type of radiation to disrupt pheromones in the air.

This new equipment was purchased outright in 2014 and issued to Shén Yā’s highly-trained Special Forces who excelled in small incursion missions. Shén Yā ensured these soldiers had access to top of the line weapons, equipment and vehicles to enable them to achieve their goals. Their corporate logo consisted of a dragon motif encircled by its own tail amidst two crossed swords.

By the early 2010’s, Shén Yā sought to enter the clandestine world of illegal biological weapons and wanted to take advantage of the collapse of large conglomerates such as Tricell and the deaths of leading underworld figures like Albert Wesker. They began gathering intelligence on the original Umbrella Corporation and discovered many of the corporation’s secrets had been left buried years after their collapse, and Shén Yā invested numerous resources to help uncover them, hoping such secrets would propel their company to the forefront of the bio-weapons industry.

In 2014, intelligence sources left Shen-Ya with reason to believe a small island in the Caribbean Sea named ‘Sonido de Tortuga’ was potentially the hidden location of a previously unknown Umbrella facility. In order to investigate, they hired an agent named Mike Seaman to gain them access to the island. Seaman used his skills and connections to gain a producer’s position on global reality TV show Idol Survival, who were looking to use Tortuga Island as the primary filming location for the next series of the show. Seaman was able to gain filming permission by blackmailing the local government. To assist Seaman, Shén Yā also employed a spy known only by the alias ‘Zǐlì.’ Zǐlì was a mysterious independent contractor, highly dangerous and working in the same circles as the infamous Ada Wong. She accepted a contract from Shén Yā to search Tortuga Island and locate the Umbrella facility. Her cover was to pose as a struggling actress and she was entered into Idol Survival as a contestant. Zǐlì’s role was to ensure mission success and although Seaman was aware of her identity, he was not aware of her true objective – as ordered by top Shén Yā executives. The company’s Special Forces were put on standby and were ready to launch an armed raid on the island once Zǐlì confirmed the location. One of Seaman’s personal objectives was to capture and release the Schraube Damon; a product of Dirk Miller and Alex Wesker’s Kodoku Plan. He would then screen live broadcasts of the creature slaughtering the cast and crew of Idol Survival in order to demonstrate its strength and combat abilities, attracting interest from dictators and terrorists across the world. Seaman intended to sell the creature to the highest bidder for personal gain.

Seaman was later killed, but Zǐlì escaped and teamed up with several survivors, including Claire Redfield, as a biohazard engulfed the island. Later they discovered the hidden Umbrella facility beneath the ruins of a long-abandoned U.S. Military base. There they met former Umbrella researcher Dirk Miller who explained the principles of the Kodoku Project and the aim to create the ultimate virus. Zǐlì relayed this information to Shén Yā’s Special Forces who launched an immediate raid on the island whilst she plotted to steal the virus. She later killed Miller and acquired the completed virus from the final B.O.W. but was later forced to inject herself after being mortally wounded during a fall with a zombie. Meanwhile, Shén Yā’s forces obliterated all the zombies on the island, noting how effective the Zombie Jammer was in action. They also captured Claire and the handful of survivors who made it out of the facility alive. But in an ironic twist, Shén Yā’s team were confronted by Zǐlì, now mutated beyond all comprehension thanks to the virus, and she savagely killed them all. The mission ended in failure and the only sample of the new virus was lost. Following the incident, the island was sealed off by the authorities, meaning Shén Yā lost all access to the Umbrella facility.

Throughout 2015 and 2016, Shén Yā continued their search for Umbrella’s legacy by sending small, armed forces into various quarantine zones across the world involved in previous bio-terrorism events. These no- go areas still contained valuable samples and data as well as infected that had been left to wander. But these scavenging missions were not without danger as dangerous individuals and thrill-seekers would also enter these zones looking for a fight. Additionally, several rival corporations also had the same idea and often a skirmish would break out. Shén Yā was in direct competition with the likes of Medvedev, Suntech, Aeolus Edge, Tenenti, Saurian, Akembe Chemical, and Rashid-Sahir Industries to name but a few. All these corporations would fight it out to secure any remaining valuable data left discarded from these restricted zones. Shén Yā Pharmaceuticals remains an active organisation to this day.

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