A variant of the C-Zombie.

This is a C-Virus zombie that developed an unusual mutation in its lungs, resulting in large swelling of the chest and neck area. This tumour-like growth appears to be glowing thanks to increased blood flow in this area. It has an abnormally-developed throat and like other zombies its flesh is dry, resulting in many tears and cracks. The Shrieker can summon other zombies by emitting a loud sound that can stimulate their aural faculties. In addition, zombies’ nervous systems react to the sound, and this reaction causes them to behave more violently. If something were to interfere with the sound the Shrieker is emitting, it will change to a high-frequency sound that will overload the aural receptors in the zombies’ brains and destroy that part of it.

Shriekers are an irregular mutant and were first documented in the 2013 Tall Oaks incident.

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