Sienna Fowler “Party Girl”

Sienna Fowler was a woman with a mysterious past. She grew up in Southern Carolina but nothing is known about her parents or her upbringing. As she got older, she became aware of her natural good looks and petite body, soon learning to exploit her sex appeal to get her places, often to great effect.

This method led to opportunities resulting in her learning a great many skills, not-least long-range sniping. In her younger days, Sienna made her living by hosting wild parties for rich businessmen and government officials, using her charms to extract sensitive information and capture incriminating behaviour which she then happily sold to the highest bidder for the purposes of blackmail or extortion.

It’s not clear when exactly she was recruited into the U.S. Military but she soon found herself on the Echo Six field unit team under the command of Crispin Jettingham. She was given the call sign of ‘Party Girl’ which tied back to her.

In September 1998, Sienna and the rest of Echo Six were deployed into Raccoon City to look for survivors during the biological outbreak. During the mission, Sienna customised her uniform and shredded most of her equipment so she could move around more freely and manoeuvre faster in combat. Sienna provided long range fire support as Echo Six aided Jill Valentine’s escape from the Nemesis T-Type and later recovered blueprints of Umbrella’s main underground laboratory from City Hall. Later down the line her sniping skills saved little Sherry Birkin from the zombies infesting the sewers and enabled her to escape long enough to link back up with Claire Redfield.

Echo Six eventually faced off against a T-103 that had become infected with the NE-Beta parasites on a stretch of land by Lonsdale Train Yards. After dispatching the creature, Echo Six suddenly had their extraction cancelled and were told to remain in the city for one last mission. But what that mission was remains a mystery as all contact was lost with the team shortly afterwards. Whether Sienna Fowler escaped Raccoon City alive or not is unknown as records are sealed.

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