The Soldat represents the fruit of Karl Heisenberg’s labour with the Cadou parasite. Like the other 4 Lords, he was bestowed with unlimited access to the Cadou and Mold on the assumption that he would help deliver Mother Miranda her vessel.

Against her wishes, Heisenberg plotted against her and used the Cadou to try and create a B.O.W army. He theorised that he could implant corpses with the Cadou and then using the power it possessed with regeneration, enhance that with artificial improvements. In this case cybernetic functionality replacing lost or damaged organs of the test subject.

The idea was sound and through ongoing experimentation the Village produced a lot of test subjects that Heisenberg could use for his ghastly tests, all of which were detailed in experimentation logs.

The first tests however were failures and created the Hauler B.O.W. A creature that although was brought back from the dead, failed to understand commands or reap any viable benefits from the cybernetic enhancements. Thankfully this prototype paved the way for the Soldat program.

In all cases, the Soldat’s were a product designed to be mechanically enhanced creations that had the regenerative benefits of the Mold infection, but also the combat and weaponry from various attachments. All subjects would see their heart replaced by the Cadou and then given electrical stimuli to trigger cranial activity in the corpse. The difference between the Soldat and the prototype Hauler appears to be the headgear and the subsequent stablisation of brainwaves using electrolysis. This tweak saw an improvement over the Hauler in terms of intelligence, with a clear desire to seek and and destroy any attacker in sight.

To aid the Soldat, Heisenberg began to attach various weapons to the creature and through this further experiment, variants of the Soldat soon started to come off the production line at the Factory. Combined with regualr testing of the soldiers against the Lycan’s, Heisenberg was seemingly quite close to establishing his goal of a cybernetic B.O.W army.


SOLDAT EINS – The first and most common version of the Soldat B.O.W. It was given the “Eins” name to reflect that it had one weapon grafted onto its left arm. 

In this case the Eins would often use a drill-type weapon that could be used to great effect against enemies. Many Eins were created by Heisenberg and represented the main bulk of his army. The Eins were held in specially designed cells within the factor and could be released from their cells at any given time. 

The Eins were relentless and brutal and the most successful and easily produced Soldat variant. However, due to the needed internal reactor, this created a weak point for the creature and if damaged would cause the machine to overheat and explode decimating the Soldat in the process.

SOLDAT ZWEI – The Zwei model, as the name suggests improves upon the Eins model by adding a second weapon to the Soldat’s person. In this case attaching a second drill to the hosts’ right arm. This created a dual wielding drilling bio-organic weapon that externally at least doubled its arsenal against attackers and enemies.

Heisenberg, noting the Eins exposed reactor on the front chest was successfully relocated to the rear. The need for the reactor port remained, but its move to the Zwei’s back meant it was more durable than the Eins model and hid its weak point better. 

Presumably the creation process for the Soldat Zwei was more complicated, time consuming and expensive compared to that of the Eins as far fewer Soldat Zwei’s were created.

SOLDAT JET – The Soldat Jet is the result of further tests on both the Soldat Eins and Zwei models.

Test subjects for the Jet were selected following additional head stablisation and presumably a greater degree of intelligence upon electrolysis. The Jet hosts were fitted with two drills on their arms to act as their primary weapons, but the addition of a jet pack meant that the reactor port had to remain on the chest area as opposed to the back where it had been on the Zwei.

The main purpose of the jet pack was to enable the Soldat to traverse rugged domain and help with enemy infiltration.

SOLDAT PANZER – The ultimate creation emerging from the Soldat program. The Panzer, as the name implies is the most heavily armed and defended Soldat that Heisenberg created.

Like other Soldat’s the Panzer has been equipped on both arms with drills. However the Panzer is not limited to just one drill per arm. Each arm now has multiple drills creating an imposing arsenal.

The main alteration with the Panzer however is the inclusion of heavy body armour. By sporting this, the Panzer was extremely capable of sustaining damage from enemies. Very few Panzer’s were created suggesting again a higher degree of cost or adaptability with hosts suitable to be used as Panzer’s.

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