Storage Facility / Special Research Laboratory

The Storage Facility and the secret Special Research Laboratory was a singular location hidden within a more suburban area of Raccoon City, close to a regional R.P.D prescient. The Storage Facility acted as a front to the secrets hidden below the building, where significant research was being conducted by Umbrella.

Storage Facility

Acting as a front to the secrets hidden below, the Storage Facility was an unremarkable Umbrella owned building that operated with minimal staff. It consisted of a main public entrance but there were hidden manhole access, notably just outside a regional R.P.D building. Such entrances were used in case of an emergency.

The facility itself appears to have be scarcely used by Umbrella, but there was evidence that its rooms were being used to house large boxes of supplies for Umbrella. What was in these boxes however remain unknown. The facility did have a public access and it was here that local R.P.D officers were tasked in guarding the facility, probably at the behest of Chief Brian Irons. The task was almost certainly seen within the force as being a mundane role and likely used as a form of punishment or initiation. Indeed, on 25th September 1998, rookie officer, Tyler Hamilton was assigned on guard duty and promptly took his position at the front of the building.

The facility has a number of levels and keeping in line with other Umbrella facilities across the city, has direct sewer access. Basic bridges were installed during the construction of the facility to enable the building to spread but to also enable secret access to the laboratory below.

On 23 September 1998, Umbrella sent its Nemesis T-Type II to Raccoon City. It was stored in the facilty before being deployed into the city for its other missions.

Special Research Laboratory 

Deep beneath the Storage Facility lies the Special Research Laboratory, specifically two of them – Laboratory A and B. Whilst the source of study at Laboratory A remains unknown, Laboratory B was the home to ongoing research not only into the T-Virus, but more specifically the MS-Virus or the Matchless Soldier Virus.

The secrecy of this project cannot be under-estimated to an extent that the key personnel had their identities wiped and replaced with code names. Led by Project Leader A, the MS-Virus could wel have been a direct research project of Lord Spencer himself as the aim of the project was to create immortality through ongoing development of pre-existing Umbrella virus’.

The Laboratory itself was fairly modern, more so than even William Birkin’s facility in the outskirts of the city, suggesting it was built sometime after 1991. It consists of multiple smaller laboratories where the team could work in isolation before discussing findings with their colleagues.

B.O.W’s were onsite although their holding pens were not privy to many. It is possible they were either housed in the next door lab or the Storage Facility above them.

During the Raccoon City Incident, the FBI sought to extract crucial evidence from the lab. With the net closing in, Project Leader A sabotaged his work to avoid being captured and implicating his illegal practices by setting off an internal bomb. This sent shockwaves not only through the lab, but the Storage Facility above it. In fact, the bomb knocked out and trapped Tyler Hamilton inside the building whilst he was guarding the facility.

Eventually, both structures would be destroyed by the sterilisation project on 1 October 1998.

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