Submarine Captain

The Submarine Captain (name unknown) worked for Umbrella before his untimely demise in or around early 1999.

The Captain was a skilled pilot and was placed in charge of an Umbrella-owned submarine. Following the destruction of Raccoon City, Umbrella began to move many of its experiments offshore and away from mainland United States. The captain’s submarine was used in this operation as it was retroactively fitted with an on-board laboratory.

In 1999, Umbrella decided to move one of its more advanced and unethical experiments away from America to Europe. This was the parasite Tyrant which saw children implanted with a genetically modified parasite that would slowly mature in a host before emerging as a viable B.O.W.

One experiement, named Lucia was shipped off to Europe and placed on the SS. Starlight.  As a fail safe and Ameoba-Type Tyrant was also stored on the public cruise ship in case Lucia was kidnapped.

During the voyage, the Starligh mysteriously stopped in the middle of the ocean, the Tyrant was triggered and infected everyone on board. The Captain was then readied by Umbrella to go an capture the B.O.W – Lucia.

The submarine was fitted with USS members and a full crew in the mission, during which the Captain madee radio contact with Barry Burton, who himself was onboard the stricken vessel. The Captain was taken in by Barry who was seemingly keen to save his own skin and allowed the docking of the submarine next to the ship.

Once on-board and away from the Starlight, the Captain reveals that Umbrella wanted Lucia as she was the B.O.W they needed, not the Tyrant. Horrified by this, Barry threatened the Captain with his gun forcing him to order the ship’s doctor to remove the parasite from Lucia.

The operation was successful, but the parasite quickly escaped its test tube. Instincts took over and the creature latched on to the nearest food source – the Captain. In doing so, the Parasite rapidly infected the Captain causing him to mutate into a Zombie.

It can be assumed that due to the rapid change a degree of intelligence remained with the zombified captain as he was still able to use his handgun. Despite this advantage, Barry was able to destroy the monster ending the Captain once and for all.

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