Tall Oaks

Tall Oaks is a town with a population of approximately 70,000 people located in Northeast America. It enjoyed a reputation as a peaceful university town, with Ivy University located in the centre and home to a great number of students. There are businesses such as cafes, gun shops, and restaurants and is sizeable enough to have its own underground subway system. Cartographical mapping shows the town to be coastal, or at least situated on the shores of an expansive lake. A large river also runs through the centre of the town, close to Tall Oaks station. Shops and businesses include a Stagla gas station, Columbian Roastmasters Café and Big Plate restaurants. Alcohol lovers can enjoy bars such as After Hours and Modern Red and there are numerous antique shops and a pharmacy.

The town centre is comprised of Tall Oaks Street, Sizemore Street, Ohman Street, Lackey Street and Carp Street. Tall Oaks Station is the centralised station for the subway with links running all across town. It even passes beneath the lake to a small island at the south east which contains an additional six stops.

Other attractions in the town include Sizemore Park and Tall Oaks zoo which is famous for its night safari. It was a favoured place of President Adam Benford and he visited the university twice after becoming POTUS, first in 2011 and secondly 2013. In his honour, Ivy University named ‘Benford Yard’ after him. The existence of the secret Catacombs beneath the outskirts of town suggests Tall Oaks is located somewhere in New England coinciding with early European settlement.


IVY UNIVERSITY: – A historic school nestled in the city centre of Tall Oaks. It is comprised of four main buildings surrounding a central courtyard and field that was later named ‘Benford Yard’ after the current President of the United States. The north building contains the main dining hall, kitchen, and specialised rooms including a music room, library and a small museum where important manuscripts are on display in glass cabinets. There are also offices upstairs for the deans and a reading room. The east building contains various classrooms and a beautiful, traditional-looking lecture theatre complete with black chalk board. The southernmost building is the staff area with cramped offices and a lounge. Each room in here is stacked floor to ceiling with crammed bookcases. To stop unauthorised access, a security key code is needed for entrance to the staff offices. Finally, the west building is for accommodation and student dormitories. According to the floor plan each building has six main floors and are all connected via an expansive underground car park. An American football field is placed on the south-western side of campus and tennis courts on the south-eastern. Both can be floodlit. The main campus entrance requires a campus keycard to gain access and all visitors have to pass through a security scanner and metal detector. Ivy University is hundreds of years old and many areas are in a state of disrepair, with rotting wood and creaking floorboards. Many walls are bare, full of chips, cracks and broken plasterboard. Its main landmark is the clock tower situated in the courtyard.

TALL OAKS CATHEDRAL: – This church or cathedral occupies a plot of land that has been in the Simmons family for generations. This land primarily serves as a meeting ground for the family’s secretive dealings, and there are many hidden passageways and booby traps to obstruct any potential interlopers. It is constructed over three floors with large stain- glass windows. A unique puzzle involving four Madonna statuettes (Grief, Charity, Sorrow, and Happiness) activates a hidden mechanism in the altar which provides access to the secret meeting grounds below.

In recent years Simmons had several levels converted into a research laboratory for continued C-Virus experimentation. Below the laboratories are the remnants of an old mining complex and deeper still are The Catacombs. A sacred ground over 400 years old that make up the final resting place for revered members of The Family. Although the catacombs are primarily used by the Simmons family, the primitively constructed caves and altars hint at the existence of inhabitants prior to them.

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