The Duke

The Duke is a rather large, flamboyant individual who assisted Ethan Winters in February 2021 following the abduction of her daughter, Rosemary by Miranda.

Little is known of The Duke’s past, but it is known that he was an active trader, with a zest for collecting rare artifacts and selling them to willing persons. His proportions suggest that he was indeed infected with the Cadou parasite as his actual size was enormous, towering over Ethan in height and also mass.

He was never seen outside of a seated position and tended to remain close to or in his travelling wooden wagon which he would use to transport goods around the local area.

The Duke himself was known to associate with the inhabitants of Castle Dimitrescu and was fully aware of their activities in draining blood of local residents to sustain their own lives. He was also very familiar with Miranda’s planned intentions with Rosemary and the rebirthing ceremony of Miranda’s long deceased daughter, Eva. He offered guidance to Ethan and informed him of the splitting of his daughter’s essence into the flasks. Based on his engagement with the Dimitrescu family, it can be implied that The Duke was a crucial component in the family “wine” being sold outside the borders of The Village.

The Duke was also an accomplished chef and cook and was able to knock out an appetizing meal for travellers’ in their exploration of the local area.

During Ethan’s mission in The Village in February 2021, The Duke was able to rescue Ethan after Miranda removed his heart from his body. Ethan was placed in the Duke’s cart and transported back to relative safety where he was able to recover before looking to take on Mother Miranda once and for all.

The Duke’s fate following the destruction of the Megamycete is unknown.

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