The process for creating a Tick remains the same as that of a Hunter although insect genes replaced reptile genes at the point of virus application. The resulting creatures are not as muscular as a standard Hunter and instead of several claws, their hands devolve into just one large talon, similar to that of a Chimera.

Two slightly different Tick variations are observed by researchers on the Arklay Estate. One has the standard green-skinned texture of a Hunter with two antenna on its head, the other has paler skin with a reddish texture and is slightly bulkier with no visible antenna on its head.

Their viciousness and combat abilities remain similar to that of a standard MA-121 Alpha although they are not quite as durable due to their insectoid origins. They are also not as well protected as Hunters thanks to a thinner skin, but they compensate by being slightly faster and more agile than their reptilian counterparts. Because these creatures were the result of a simple experimental test, they were not given a development code number and no plans were made to massproduce them.

The few specimens in existence were confined to the mining tunnels beneath the Arklay estate. But whether they were encountered by any S.T.A.R.S. members remains undetermined.

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