Tyler Hamilton

Tyler Hamilton is a resident of Raccoon City and a new recruit for the Racocon City Polie Department. On his first day he was caught in an explosion at the Umbrella Storage Facility trapping him insider whilst the rest of the city suffered the T-Virus outbreak. 

Tyler would eventually escape and during the carnage look to find survivors of the disaster, sheltering in a local police station. His mission would often cross paths with F.B.I Agent, Naomi McClain.

A rookie police officer, Tyler Hamilton was assigned to a local RPD prescient on his first day. Perhaps as an initiation, he was assigned the rather mundane task of guarding the Umbrella Storage Facility, a rather uninteresting and mundane building used by Umbrella to store various items. Unknown to Tyler, the facility served a secondary purpose in hiding a secret underground laboratory that was being used to develop the new MS-Virus.

Tyler was assigned this job on 25 September 1998, just as the T-Virus was spreading across the city. In the early hours, he made his way to the facility and sat in the makeshift reception area oblivious to the unfolding danger outside.

Nearly 24 hours later as Tyler’s shift is coming to an end, his world is shaken to its core when an explosion emanating from the secret lab below rips through the facility. Tyler is knocked out by falling debris and trapped inside the building itself. Waking up a few hours later, Tyler finds he is indeed trapped and looks for an exit so he can make it back to the police station. He notes a manhole cover and descends whereupon he encounters hoards of Zombies, Zombie Dogs and even Lickers. The entire storage area and the connecting waterways have been infected.

Tyler battles through before encountering an unnamed F.B.I Agent, fatally wounded. He fails to share with Tyler any information as its all “classified”. Pressing onwards, Tyler then meeting F.B.I Agent, Naomi McClain who has been sent in to investigate Umbrella and the labs below. Tyler informs Naomi about her stricken colleague. In return Naomi tells Tyler of an escape route back to the police station.

Heading closer to an exit, Tyler encounters a Lurker or Zombie Frog B.O.W. Using all his training, he is bale to down the monstrous amphibian before using the emergency ladder to escape to the station. However, upon emerging from the sewers below he is shocked to see that the virus is now widespread.  Acting swiftly, Tyler heads into the station to take shelter and plan his next move.

On 28 September 1998, late night,  the police station receives a distress call from the nearby Raccoon University. Realising that only survivors could have raised the alarm, Tyler heads to the university to see if he can rescue any of them. Entering the ornate building, Tyler quickly locates a student in dormitory room 102 where he learns of others hiding close by.

As the 28 September ticks into the 29 September, Tyler encounters Agent McClain once more. She understands Tyler’s mission and advises him of a voice she heard during her travels.  Tyler is able to locate another student hidden in the support tunnels beneath the university but also the blueprints for the lecture hall, which reveals a hidden room. Intrigued and of the firm belief that the mystery voice is coming from this room, Tyler heads into the lecture hall where he comes face to face with a Giant Spider mutant. Tyler is able to destroy the creature and locate the last student before heading back to the police station for safety.

A few hours later, the Raccoon City Museum alarm rings out across the city. Tyler, again conforming to his sense of duty sets out to the museum to see if he can locate any survivors. Upon arrival he establishes the alarm must have been rung from the second floor and makes his way through the exhibit rooms towards the main museum vault. Here he spots a scientist (M) who flees the scene, but in doing so, drops a vial. Tyler takes the sample for evidential purposes.

Continuing to explore the museum, Tyler encounters an unnamed U.S.S soldier who were also on the scene. Tyler naively esquires with the soldier about the vial he has found. The soldier hastily retreats from the scene before Tyler once again encounters Agent McClain in the museum attic.  The pair exchange information with Naomi now very concerned that the U.S.S will turn their attention to Tyler as a witness to Umbrella’ shady dealings.

Tyler and Naomi depart getting closer to the main vault. He spots another scientist (M’s husband) but again is not able to prevent him from fleeing or establishing who set off the alarm. Turning to the next room, Tyler suddenly encounters a large mutated centipede which despite its size he is able to defeat. However, Tyler quickly locates the body of M’s husband, shot by the U.S.S. Tyler is horrified but has began to place the puzzle together realising that the bomb site may well have been a cause for the indiscriminate killings. He leaves the museum looking to restock.

Late, 30 September after resting back in the police station, Tyler heads back to the Umbrella Storage Facility to explore further. Interestingly, the police station had picked up a call on the radio advising any survivors to go to this destination. He quickly works out this is a trap but is miraculously able to locate a researcher. He tells Tyler he needs to escape immediately and to use the evacuation tunnel of the lab below. The researcher runs ahead of him but is later found by Tyler clinging to life having been attacked by something.

The researcher is aware of the city’s pending doom and in a delirium states tells Tyler to escape as the bombings will begin soon. The clock ticks into the 1 October…

Amazingly, in the next room, Tyler meets Naomi and again exchange notes. Naomi gives Tyler an ID card which will enable him to escape using the evacuation tunnel. He heads on into his mission encountering various zombies and lickers along the way. In the main Research Facility, Tyler spots what could be a key room, a lab with 2 samples on the shelf. He enters the room and this immediately triggers a failsafe installed by Project Leader A – the MS-Virus being leaked into the room!

Fearing the worst, Tyler reads some notes left behind by the research team who had provided details on the virus and an potential vaccine. Two vaccines were available, the M or J-Vaccine. Tyler takes a gamble, based on the notes that the M-Vaccine will be the most effective. He administers the substance and hopes it works…

Leaving the lab, Tyler gathers more evidence on the MS-Virus before fleeing. Just as he is about to make it out of the lab, the MS-Virus developed, Eliminator R appears, a monkey based B.O.W. His hardest fight yet, Tyler brings down the ape and makes his escape where is joined by Naomi who has had her own mis-adventure. The pair make their escape from the city via an evacuation helicopter from the F.B.I. Naomi tells Tyler he will now go into protective custody.

Post Raccoon City Incident, the whereabouts of Tyler are unknown.

NB: dates are assumed based on canonical events from other materials

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