From the very beginning, one of the primary aims of Umbrella’s t-Virus project was to create a thinking, feeling, biological killing machine with unmatched combat abilities and high durability; an army of near indestructible super-soldiers that could crush an enemy with ease. After ten years of B.O.W. development, the Tyrant Plan was finally initiated in 1988 at Arklay Laboratories who at the time was a major part of the North American branch of Umbrella. The chief researchers running the project were William Birkin and Albert Wesker,and the announcement was made following Birkin successfully synthesising a new t-Virus variant which helped better retain the host’s intelligence. However, this variant would only work if it successfully bonded 100% with the host subject and this led to a major problem.

Further research and simulation models confirmed that finding a compatible subject to match the genetic characteristics of this new variant would be extremely problematic. Only one person in every ten million would adapt successfully, meaning there would only be around 50 or so suitable hosts in the entire United States. This was a unique characteristic carried over from the Progenitor Virus’s own genetic compatibility to certain subjects and was ironically why the t-Virus project was launched in the first place. As a result, the lack of suitable hosts almost terminated the entire program before it had even begun and gave an advantage to Umbrella Europe who were developing the Nemesis Parasite in direct competition at the same time. If the research could have progressed there and then, Birkin should have been able to engineer a new type of t-Virus capable of making more humans compatible to Tyrant conversion, but that would only be possible once a human who completely adapted to the new 1988 variant was found and studied. As it transpired, only several such subjects were found with even close genetics and they were forcibly obtained from other laboratories. Ultimately hey were not compatible enough and the Tyrant project was in deadlock.

Tyrant research was at a standstill for over three years until a breakthrough emerged in late 1991 when former Soviet Army Colonel Sergei Vladimir joined Umbrella. His DNA passed the compatibility test for becoming a Tyrant and his genetic make-up was passed onto the team at Arklay. During his army days, Sergei had taken part in a top secret army cloning program and had ten duplicates of himself created which had fought alongside him in combat. Under the recommendation of his friend, Nikolai Zinoviev, Sergei donated all ten of these clones to Umbrella in return for an executive position within the company. These ten hosts then kick started the Tyrant Program into action and over the next several years William Birkin conducted countless experiments on the clones before successfully engineering a new variant of t-Virus that could dramatically increase the capacity for regular humans to become a Tyrant. This became the ε-strain t-Virus and would immediately solve the host compatibility problem. But despite this breakthrough there were many other hurdles still to overcome.

Although the t-Virus had the ability to instantly evolve any creature it was implanted into, most subjects were unable to cope with the dramatic physical changes to their bodies and died. This led to serious questions about the practicality of the virus in its current form, despite Birkin’s new variant having the potential to turn more hosts into a base Tyrant organism. In order to further sustain host durability to the virus, researchers decided to concentrate on using only humans with optimised physical and mental capabilities, including excessive muscle growth and strong, natural immune systems. Umbrella purchased many condemned prisoners to use as guinea pigs and four who survived to the latter stages of development were given significant body strengthening surgeries before being injected with Birkin’s new ε-strain t-Virus. Two of these subjects died and two survived. The two that survived would go on to become the T-001 and the T-002 Tyrant models respectively.


T-001 PROTO-TYRANT – The first test model created from a human guinea pig who underwent gene strengthening and surgery in order to survive application of the ε-strain t-Virus. 

Although it had been administered the maximum amount of t-Virus, the subject’s intelligence levels did not develop to the expected standard required and it was unable to follow commands. In addition, its skin became severely decayed. After all relevant data was collected, research was suspended and the Proto-Tyrant was scheduled for disposal, despite the specimen being near completion. All the collected data was then applied to the on-going development of the T-002 model which became the primary specimen. The specimen was moved from Arklay Labs to the underground laboratory where it was scheduled for disposal only for it to be let out when S.T.A.R.S. members Enrico Marini and Rebecca Chambers breached the facility.

T-002 – Created via the same method as the T-001, this model was given numerous improvements and boasted exceptional physical capabilities and high intelligence levels to realise and execute complex commands.

It was the peak of all human-based B.O.W.s at that point and successfully implemented its design for maximum effectiveness on the battlefield. Decisively it was also intelligent enough to carry out complex commands. All subsequent models would be based on the T-002 and it was officially christened ‘Tyrant’ to commemorate its success by using the initial from the t-Virus as a symbol of the power it exhibited.

It was equipped with a small internal power limiter to regain control and was due to be commercialised after completing a final battle test against trained combat soldiers. But although the T-002 was a marvel of physical perfection, there were still numerous improvements to be made and many kinks still to be ironed out.

One such issue was concerns over its control system and so a combat test was set up against trained human opponents so that data gathered from the resulting battle test could be used to engineer an improved and refined control method. However, this test was later postponed following the t-Virus leak at the Arklay Labs in May 1998.

As a contingency, Albert Wesker instead decided to use his own S.T.A.R.S. team members as guinea pigs to test out the T-002 as part of the X-Day directive. Eventually the creature was lost during the destruction of the mansion and all collected data was applied to further improve the T-103 type instead.


T-103 – The T-103 was developed at the underground lab in Raccoon City under the stewardship of William Birkin. This new Tyrant was an improved model over the T-002 with higher recovery and combat abilities and a more refined control system. It is colloquially known as “Mr. X”.

Following the infamous ‘mansion incident’, Sergei Vladimir had successfully backed up all data to Umbrella’s U.M.F.-013 mainframe, including the combat data from the T-002 before it was destroyed at the hands of the surviving S.T.A.R.S. members. This data was applied to improve the T-103 model and before long the issue of control was solved and it could now operate for long periods and still obey commands. It also retained the same extraordinary combat abilities as its predecessor and became known in the weapons industry as a masterpiece B.O.W. with high intelligence. In addition, the T-103 could easily camouflage itself as a human and was used as the base body of a custom model for the purpose of guarding V.I.P.s.

It could also be programmed to follow predetermined directives and was equipped with a special trench coat acting as an external power limiter to keep runaway t-Virus mutation in check. If its power limiter was deactivated it turned into a Super Tyrant with even more aggressiveness and heightened regenerative properties. When the Tyrant was in this state only heavy weapons or missiles were enough to stop it and control was all but lost.

Through cloning, the T-103 would be mass-produced and sent to facilities across the world. The development of ‘power limiters’ to keep the Tyrants in control greatly increased the product value of the specimens. In order to restrain them from becoming a Super Tyrant, it was decided that all main Tyrants beginning with the T-103 model would be equipped with trench-coats as their limiter. These developments caused the Tyrant project to explode into life and elevated Umbrella USA to the forefront of the company.

T-103 MASS PRODUCED TYPE – A mass-produced model of the original T-103 series. These units were used for training purposes by the various Anti B.O.W. and U.S.S. teams. They were not given a power limiter and their claws are deliberately blunted and made smaller to reflect their status as a training model. It was capable of a small mutation to increase its abilities but otherwise its appearance was the same as a standard T-103.

These mass produced types were given batch numbers when sent out to various facilities such as the T-078 deployed to Rockfort Island in late 1998 by USS Operative, HUNK.

The Tyrant was released from its storage tube by Alfred Ashford with the specific target of eliminating Claire Redfield. The Tyrant was relentless in its pursuit of its target despite being temporarily halted during that mission. It was able to track Claire Redfield to the cargo plane she and Steve Burnside had fled Rockfort Island on. However, despite its tenacity the specimen was lost after being flung out of the plane via a cargo catapult.


IVAN – A prototype T-103 model further refined to make better use of its more human-like appearance. It was capable of tactical thinking and designed to protect important Umbrella VIPs. It was equipped with a standard ‘trench-coat’ power limiter but coloured white to distinguish it from other T-103 units. It was also equipped with a special visor featuring a head-mounted-display to assist Ivan in making combat decisions. When more than one Ivan was deployed at the same time, the HUD was be a different colour to distinguish their identity.

Ivan was used as a personal bodyguard for Sergei Vladimir during his mission to the Arklay Mountains following the outbreak of the t-Virus in the area. An Ivan was dispatched by Sergei to confront Albert Wesker on the wreckage of the Ecliptic Express as a reminder to Wesker of his loyalty to Umbrella. 

Ivan showed remarkable resilience and remained an active BOW up until 2003 when both were dispatched by Albert Wesker at the Umbrella Russian Laboratory.

NEMESIS T-TYPE – The result of taking a base T-103 Tyrant body and implanting it with the NE-α parasite. Click here for more details.

TYRANT R (T0400TP) – A standard T-103 model refined to test out various different methods of control. This Tyrant had various cybernetic control chips attached to its cerebral cortex. Commands and orders were pre-installed onto a selection of interchangeable M.O. discs and activated at various terminals. The first disc transferred the activation program to T’s memory cortex. Once the program was installed, control over the unit could be established and from there further control programs could be applied.

Like other T-103’s, this unit could deactivate its power limiter and become a Super Tyrant, with a sudden mutation that hardened its skin to the same density as concrete rock. As a precaution, it was fitted with a custom bomb attached to the back of its neck should there ever be a problem with the experimental control mechanism. The Tyrant R was stored at the corporate headquarters at Raccoon City and its development code was 0400TP.

During the Raccoon City incident, the Tyrant was released and was programmed to remove Hunters from the vicinity. However, the programming and degree of control could not be sustained. After inflicting damage from survivors, it mutated into a Super Tyrant before being absorbed by the Nyx B.O.W.

THANATOS – This creature was developed by Umbrella researcher Dr. Greg Mueller and had an emphasis on improved speed and agility. Unlike other Tyrants, which were based off a pre-existing cloned embryo, Thanatos was a unique subject based off an African-American male. Its design harkened back to older models with the creature having an exposed heart similar to the T-001 and T-002 models and an internal power limiter rather than an external trench coat.

Thanatos boasted astounding speed and jumping abilities, possessing unique enlarged hands with claws used to stab its victims. When it mutated into a Super Tyrant, Thanatos lost its left arm but its mutation made it become arguably more powerful than the T-103 version.

Umbrella wanted to mass produce the Thanatos, but this decision was heavily criticised by its creator, who wanted it to be unique. However, the Raccoon City outbreak put paid to these plans and Thanatos was lost forever.

HYPNOS T-TYPE – A project conducted by Vincent Goldman of Umbrella Europe to try and create a Tyrant that was smaller and more ferocious than previous models. It was purposefully designed to fit the Tyrant profile model of creating a super soldier able to pass off as human and infiltrate enemy territory.

It was created using an artificially developed gene and a neuro-chemical secreted by the human adolescent brain known as beta-heterononseratonin. Only one prototype was ever created and was stored at the Tyrant Plant on Sheena Island.

Goldman believed the Hypnos T-Type would elevate his position to the very top of Umbrella but unfortunately the Tyrant was destroyed by private detective Ark Thompson. After three encounters with the spy, the specimen was lost after Ark was able to fire a missile from the helicopter directly into the Tyrant’s heart cavity. 

T-091 – The result of taking a mass-produced Tyrant and injecting it with variant 0.9.1 of the t+G-Virus. The goal of this virus was to allow infectants to develop an electro-magnetic current around its body to protect it from gunfire and external damage. However, the resulting product was a failure.

The electric field generated was not strong enough to deflect gunfire and the Tyrant’s skin decayed to the point where a major organ became exposed on its back. Instead of claws, the T091 developed tentacles which is believed to be a trait of the G-Virus. The severe decay to the tyrant’s body also restricted its agility and movement.

The Tyrant was stored on the Spencer Rain luxury cruise ship to be displayed as a showcase for the t+G Virus. Following the attack on the stricken ship, the Tyrant was released by Morpheus D. Duvall to take down Bruce McGivern. However, the Tyrant was not able to complete its mission and the specimen was lost when the Spencer Rain crashed into Benthic Island.

T-A.L.O.S – ‘Tyrant Armoured Lethal Organic System’ or T-A.L.O.S. for short, was designed to be the ultimate pinnacle of the Tyrant Program. The project originally began at Arklay Labs in the late 1990’s before development was transferred across to the Russian Caucasus base under the direction of Sergei Vladimir.

This bioweapon used a mass-produced Tyrant as a base, while adding remote computer control capabilities via a chip implanted in the brain. Its cardiovascular system was artificially improved to give it mobility unthinkable in a natural organism. Its body was armoured in a special metallic alloy that not only helped defend itself from missiles and other projectile fire, but also restrained runaway t-virus mutation. It was equipped with weaponry to allow it to respond to distant targets. Although it was a humanoid B.O.W., it had enough armour and firepower to stand against a tank.

The only known specimen of T-A.L.O.S was neutralised by Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine during their infiltration of the Russian Caucasus base. During the encounter and after taking heaving damage, the Tyrant mutated causing its spinal column to erupt from his back. This then fused with Red Queen AI computer even possessing the ability to fire laser like beams from its claws. Although extremely powerful, the Tyrant was now fixed in its location and ultimately was defeated and destroyed in the process.

UNKNOWN T-103 VARIANT “T-HOWARD TYRANT” – A standard mass-produced T-103 model injected with a special t-Virus variant created by Professor Ryan Howard at Philosophy University.

This virus incorporated genes taken from an ancient fossilised humanoid that was significantly larger than the average human being. Initial effects were minimal with no physical changes apparent. But the intelligence of the Tyrant was raised to never before seen levels.

It executed commands without question and was totally obedient to its master. But the only recorded specimen was destroyed early into its life-cycle by Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans meaning more substantial data remains unavailable.

UNKNOWN T-103 VARIANT “T-013” – Developed in a joint venture between unknown third parties, this Tyrant was improved upon long after the official end of the Tyrant Program and Umbrella’s demise. Its attributes and appearance were the same as a standard T-103 although these models were made significantly bigger, with more emphasis placed on brute strength rather than any attempt made for it to blend into human society.

Its power limiter had also been adjusted and was stronger than before. It also had the ability to disengage its power limiter when it saw fit, rather than only as a defense mechanism when near death like previous models.

Although its development history remains a mystery, several of these models were purchased by Svetlana Belikova’s government during the Eastern Slavic civil war. Two of which were released by the Eastern Slav President in order to dispose of freedom fighter “Buddy” and Leon S. Kennedy who had been sent in by the US Government to try and calm the escalating tensions in the country. 

During these encounters, the Tyrants were able to easily outpace human targets and were able to defend itself from Licker B.O.Ws that were targeting it. Despite this display of brute strength, the Tyrant was not as agile as other models and therefore became an easier target. As a counter to this the Tyrant was able to trigger its own mutation when it deemed appropriate.

When it became a Super-Tyrant its durability levels were able to withstand fire from a tank. However, the Tyrant was not indestructible and was defeated by Leon in battle.

TYRANT – C – A mysterious (and potentially non-canonical) Tyrant developed in an unknown location in Raccoon City. It can be assumed that based on its appearence it is a sub-species of the base T-103 model and enhanced accordingly.

It shares a striking similarity to the T-0400TP model that was housed at the Commerical Headquarters of Umbrella in Raccoon City but there are two major visual differences. Firstly, the Tyrant C can be seen to have a horn on its head. Whether this is a deliberate mutation of by accident, remains unclear.

Secondly, this Tyrant has been fitted in a dashing purple limiter coat as opposed to the usual olive-green coat that the mass produced model was equipped with. Again, it is unclear why this was the case, whether this was a unique model like the Thanatos or an intended deviation in the same guise as the Ivan models.

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