he U-3 (Ultimate Three) was the fruit of applied Plaga experiments to fuse human, insect, and reptile DNA. The resulting fusion was imperfect due to not adjusting the characteristics of each species and the result was a grotesque chimera with obvious physical vestiges from all three organisms. Its upper torso is human, although the skin around its mouth has split and its tongue is vastly extended. Claws develop on the creature’s right hand whilst its left arm becomes elasticated a bit like the Regenerador’s limbs with its hand evolving into a single, barbed talon. Its lower body resembles a fleshy mass like an insect cocoon with four reptilian-like limbs each with spiked claws. The creature fights in three primary stages: In the first, it uses a lithe, whip-like tentacle on its left arm to attack its prey; in the second, the huge, claw-like Plaga extends out from its spinal cord to attack.

The Plaga acts as a pair of razor sharp pincers capable of slicing through solid steel. In the third, it uses its powerful jaws to burrow into the ground and ambush its prey from below. The large-sized Plaga nestled in the spinal cord of the human part is its primary weak spot. Only one prototype specimen was produced and it was confined to the caverns beneath Lord Saddler’s island. No attempt was made to retain any kind of intelligence and it exists purely to kill. Its development data was eventually acquired by Tricell who attempted further hybridisation by developing the U-8.

The ‘3’ designation is in reference to the three types of differing DNA incorporated into the creature. The origins of this experiment may relate to the Chimera of ancient Greece which was comprised of three differing creatures fused together.

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