Uroboros Mkono

Uroboros Mkono was the first official Uroboros Virus text under scientific conditions. In other words, the host for the experiment was specifically chosen knowing that there was a chance that they would adapt to the deadly attirbutes of the virus. The host himself was unknown but is briefly encountered by Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar during their investigations into the virus.

Prior to mutation, the man is pale, and completly hairless and naked except a pair of shorts. He has black blotches over his skin showing where he had experiemented upon. The B.O.W was unleashed by Excella Gionne, who, on command it seemed got up from his chair and walked towards the B.S.A.A members. 

At this time, the man displayed some tell-tale signs of adaption including the yellow eyes and cats-eye iris. His skin begins to convulse and move as if something is writing around beneath the surface. Sections of his flesh explode and sentient, black tentacles begin to emerge. Despite looking to regain control and seeming to momentarily adapt, the hairless test subject suddenly convulses and the Uroboros cysts begin to consume his body completely.

The creature is then engulfed with the black postules and resembles the Uroboros Reject B.O.W the pair encoutnered earlier on in their mission. 

With this mutation, the automatic biohazard detection system within the laboratory is triggered. The  alarm releases a flamethrower used to burn contaminated material and automatically refuels. Chris provides covering fire whilst Sheva picks it up and begins torching the monster. As with the Uroboros Reject, as it weakens the Uroboros Mkono is able to fall apart and recombine in other parts of the lab.

The creature is attacked relentless using the flamethrower until it can take no more and comes apart in a cluster of writhing oily tentacles on the floor.

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