Uroboros Reject

With no official B.O.W name, this Uroboros Reject was the result of the first field test of the newly created Uroboros Virus. The host was a regular Kijuju resident that was injected by Jill Valentine. Unfortuantly for this townsperson, he did not adapt to the virus and as would be the standard for failed vectors, would develop the distinctive black postules.

His entire body became encased in these leech like tenatacles with orange-yellow glowing organs housed within. Near impervious to pain, the creature was able to effectively regenerate by distintgrating into the smaller postules and reforming.

The Uroboros Reject was left by Ricardo Irving as a trap for the B.S.A.A where it was able to kill a number of its members. It did not however survive its encounter with Chis Redfield and Sheva Alomar who were able to use their partnership skills to lure the creature into a blast furnace. With heat and fire being a major weak point for Uroboros Virus B.O.Ws the clever use of the furnace saw the end to this reject monster.

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