Valerie Harmon

Valerie is a resident of Raccoon City, who was caught up on the biohazard incident of September – October 1998. She, along with a group of survivors were captured by Daniel Fabron and Umbrella and used in combat testing zones against their biological weapons.

Valerie is a student studying in Raccoon City University. Her chosen subject was chemistry and being so, caught the attention of Umbrella. Valerie has some impressive skills and wrote a dissertation on the powers of healing technology. It was here she was then offered an internship in NEST 2 – one of Umbrella’s main laboratories in the city.

It was here that Valerie discovered that her room-mate at university was also an intern with Umbrella and that she was suffering from memory problems. This room-mate was Yoko Suzuki.

Presumably following her concern, Valerie began to raise some questions about Yoko’s mental health and stability and was captured by Umbrella and then used in the combat zones orchestrated by Daniel Fabron and others.

She, along with others would encounter various monstrosities, using skills and teamwork to evade infection and death. It remains unclear however as to whether Valerie survived the Raccoon City Incident.

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