Vladimir Bodrovski “Spectre”

Vladimir Bodrovski was a Russian national whose early career saw him serve with the Soviet Union’s security services. He worked as an Intelligence technician where his lack of any standout physical or social characteristics helped him remain virtually invisible in any situation. His work brought him into contact with the seedier side of life – something he soon discovered he had an affinity for. His vast array of contacts and his own anonymity eventually made him become too greedy and he begun to exploit his underworld network for his own gain – namely blackmail.

However, his activities soon caught up with him and saw him brought into direct contact with the authorities. As a result, Vladimir had to flee Russia before he was caught and tried. He had investigators and spies on his heels every step of the way but managed to use his skills to evade them all until he was safely out of the country.

He eventually found a home with Umbrella and his superior surveillance skills made him a prime candidate for the corporation’s paramilitary division. In 1998 he was recruited into the U.S.S. Delta team as their surveillance agent and scout, ensuring that the corporation stayed well informed and that Wolfpack kept the upper hand in combat operations. He was given the codename; Spectre. When in the field he always wore a set of goggles to conceal his face and provide him with a broad range of vision spectrums to scope the enemy out.

In September 1998, Spectre and the rest of Wolfpack were deployed to Raccoon City to assist Hunk’s team retrieve the G-Virus from Birkin. After the operation went wrong, Wolfpack were blamed and were sent back into the infested city days later for redemption as their task was to eliminate all evidence linking Umbrella to the outbreak. Spectre and his comrades battled through several locations across town and crossed paths with Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong, both of whom they tried but ultimately failed to eliminate. It is unknown if Vladimir Bodrovski made it out of Raccoon City alive. His personnel file ends after that incident.

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