The Wall-Blister is a strange mutation that originated from a colony of barnacles being infected by the t-Abyss Virus. They use stealth-like tactics and cling to the walls and ceilings of rooms like an immobile, large shell. However when it unfurls to attack, it resembles an enlarged humanoid spliced with the appearance of a blue-ringed octopus. It has the light-emitting organ of a vampire squid and kills its enemies by luring them into believing that they are stealthily approaching it from behind, when it in reality it is in front of them. The creature appears to have two enlarged arms and draws comparisons to the Umbrella Bandersnatch B.O.W., although the Wall Blister is actually comprised of 10 arms, but these are difficult to make out unless extremely up close.

Their arms are made of fused tentacles and developed sharp claws for attacking, however their humanoid form contains little in the way of natural armour plating and despite its large size, the Wall-Blister is extremely vulnerable to gunfire. When lying dormant, the creature prefers to remain inside its shell where it is invulnerable from harm, but its body contains evolved sensory preceptors causing them to immediately drop down and attack whenever a target is close by. Interestingly researchers have pondered about the organism’s green-tinted skin making it somewhat unique in appearance compared to other t-Abyss related infectants. Unfortunately further analysis is impossible at this stage. Data on the creature is extremely rare and they have only ever been documented on the Queen Zenobia

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