Umbrella Water Treatment Plant

The Water Treatment Plant was located on the very edge of Raccoon City’s North-east industrial zone. It was bought out by Umbrella at an unspecified time and modifications were made to link it to other company facilities located close by. A majority of the complex was located underground and spread out across a significant portion of Raccoon Forest with a back surface entrance located in the woods close to the old Management Training Facility. When the facility was still operational much of the waste product from James Marcus ran through the plant and the two facilities were wired to the same fail-safe self-destruct system in case of a biohazard outbreak. The treatment plant’s location may also have been the reason why Birkin’s underground lab was constructed where it was. Once the lab was constructed the main entrance to the plant was underground and employees had to get there by riding down the turntable from the marshalling yard up on the surface. From that point on, the water treatment plant became the main source of waste dump for the huge volume of material coming in from Birkin’s lab.

The layout of the plant was constructed around a series of large underground caverns situated far beneath Raccoon City and the surrounding forest area. The lowest part of the facility was nine levels below the surface. The site was largely made up of sewage treatment pools, water treatment tanks and automated purifying equipment. Whilst operational it was manned 24 hours a day and had a staff dormitory on site as well as a bar and rec room. When the treatment system overloaded in 1997 the plant was shut down, although employees still remained on site to manage the Raccoon Dam. Umbrella continued to make use of the abandoned plant and used its rooms for B.O.W. storage by installing cultivation tanks for creatures such as Plague Crawlers.

Upon closure, the company’s waste management was shifted to the P12-A Incinerator Facility where a new disposal system was installed and operational by 1998. Also that year, the Queen Leech became sentient and made its nest in the lower furnaces on B9 level. It attacked the staff manning the dam and they all became infected. William Birkin later activated the self-destruct mechanism which destroyed large parts of the plant and the training school. Following the incident, the elevator leading down to the entrance of the Treatment Plant located on B4 level of Birkin’s lab was completely sealed off.


Access elevator – Located on B4 Level of Umbrella’s underground laboratory in the turntable annex.

B5 – At the bottom of the access elevator a small iron bridge crosses over a fast-flowing underground river to the entrance of the facility. Inside is a small control room monitoring power levels, purification devices, CCTV and other instruments to keep the overall facility operational. Power can be rerouted to and from the fire tank, warehouse, main control room, pump room, restroom, lodgings, purifying room, the water tank, reservoir and the first and second experiment rooms. A small elevator outside the control room leads down to the next level.

B6 – The elevator stops at a small pump room full of rusted pipes and whirring generators. Air scrubbing fans spin on the walls and a door leads out onto the main annex with mesh gantries running alongside several large water tanks bearing the Umbrella logo. A door to the left requires a valve handle for access and leads to a corridor running down to the lodgings. These are comprised of bunk beds and washing facilities. A door on the other end of the lodgings leads to steps running down to the purification rooms. Alternatively a second door at the end of the main gantry leads to the rec room which holds a bar, pool table and pin ball machine. Stairs here lead down to the next level.

B7 and B8 contain the main facilities for operating the underground dam. Construction materials and forklift trucks are dotted around here. There are also various control rooms, a gondola for transporting materials over the reservoir, and a water treatment pool.

B9 – Contains the main furnace. This is where the Leech Queen made its nest when it became sentient in 1998. This area also contains a large freight elevator that rides up to the surface diagonally and emerges into a small warehouse and heliport in Raccoon Forest.

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