Zoe Baker

Zoe Baker grew up in Dulvey, Louisiana alongside her brother, Lucas, and their parents Jack and Marguerite. Unlike her brother who had somewhat sadistic tendencies, Zoe was a typically normal girl who lived a relatively normal, if unspectacular existence. She attended one of the local schools in the parishes and a depiction of her family she did for an art project in the 4th grade hung in the dining room of the main house. As she got older she developed a passion for yoga and would often meditate in the bedroom. Like most siblings, she had a tempestuous relationship with Lucas and the two would often bicker. When they were kids they shared the same bedroom with half the room painted green and the other pink. Their room also contained access to the attic but Lucas took it over and used his engineering skills to prevent Zoe from getting inside. When they got older and had separate rooms, Zoe once accused Lucas of being a pervert after he looked in on her whilst she was doing her yoga.

She later got her revenge by accessing Lucas’ laptop after realising he used the same password as the code on his mobile phone. But aside from her squabbles with Lucas, Zoe loved her family and was very caring towards her parents. She was also a smoker and got on well with her uncle Joe.

In October 2014, Dulvey was hit by a major hurricane and the accompanying storms left behind major damage. A large LNG tanker, Annabelle, had been swept off course and capsized in the bayou on the outskirts of the Baker ranch. The ship itself was innocent enough, but being secretly transported was an E-Series bioweapon named ‘Eveline.’ She was a product of The Connections and had gotten loose and caused havoc on the ship, killing Alan Droney, one of her handlers, in the process. Eveline was mistaken for just an innocent young girl and was brought back to the Baker household by Jack. Marguerite noticed she was covered in what appeared to be oil and asked Zoe to get some clean clothes from the laundry room. But when Zoe went upstairs, Eveline chillingly told her that her family was hers now before all the power suddenly went out.

Using her lighter, Zoe began to search for her family and soon found Lucas unconscious in the dining room. By now Eveline had gotten to Marguerite and infected her with the Mold; a fungal-based bacterium rendering an infectant highly suggestible to control. Marguerite tried to attack Zoe in the bathroom, but she was saved by Jack who managed to restrain his wife,although he too was soon consumed by the Mold. Lucas was the next to fall and Zoe spent the next hour hiding from her suddenly deranged family members who wanted to introduce her to her new sister, Evie. Zoe managed to make it outside to the trailer in the garden, but Eveline was waiting for her and the shock caused Zoe to pass out.

Zoe was now infected too but she suffered a completely different reaction to the rest of her family. Aside from herself, each of her family had ‘died’ shortly after they were infected which triggered an instant connection to Eveline. They sacrificed themselves as a gift to her which was looked upon favourably. Marguerite was drowned in the bath but regenerated, Jack sliced open his own chest, and Lucas was presumably killed and regenerated when he was dragged into the bedroom. Zoe had not experienced this and her fear of running around evading her family all night had built up a fear of Eveline – rather than an awe. As a result, although she was still infected, her body’s reaction to the fungal spores were profoundly different. Jack, Marguerite and Lucas quickly progressed to stage 2 of the infection where the Mold had reached their brain and their thought process became completely in tune with that of Eveline, rendering them slaves to her control. Zoe did not experience this, but she quickly learned that if she did not upset or anger Eveline, then she would be left alone, with the latter still referring to her as a sister.

As the months passed, the Bakers began to do despicable things at the behest of Eveline, kidnapping innocents to add to her family and turning to cannibalism and consuming infected food. Zoe did not partake in any of this and eventually moved out of the house and into the trailer. Her mom and dad became frustrated with her and she was eventually branded an outcast. Her 4th grade family picture was taken down and any photographs of her in the house were scratched and deformed. Zoe kept her distance and did not protest, and she was careful never to anger Eveline. Zoe’s isolation and the fact she kept well-away from any of the Mold bio-matter secreted by Eveline, ensured her infection progressed much more slowly than that of her family who regularly consumed contaminated foods and interacted with the Mold.

As her body continued to feel strange, she began her own investigation and even contemplated running away, although if Eveline found out she would surely be killed. She soon became convinced that Mia, the woman who had arrived with Eveline, was the key and that she had access to the serum that could cure them all. Over time she began looking for the components, but Eveline had charged Marguerite with looking after them and they were locked up in her ‘altar’ in the old house. Marguerite knew Zoe was trying to get inside and threatened to kill her if she ever tried again. Aware of her family’s abilities, Zoe had taken to hiding knives around the main house for her own protection and on one occasion, she pulled one on Marguerite after a particularly vicious argument.

Realising her own movements were being too closely watched, Zoe took to trying to communicate and help those captured by the Bakers. She would contact them via telephone and offer assistance on where to go and how to escape. Her goal was to buy enough trust so that they would then help Zoe search for the serum components. Unfortunately, none of these captives made it very far and not a single one made it outside the main house.

Zoe had survived through this living nightmare for almost three years by the time Ethan Winters arrived at the estate on July 19th 2017 after receiving a message from his long-missing wife, Mia. Ethan had been lured to the estate at the behest of Eveline, and Zoe made contact with him via telephone after he had just fought off his possessed wife in the Guest House. She suggested he escape through the attic, but he was incapacitated and captured by Jack Baker then brought to the main house. Ethan had lost his left hand following the fight with Mia and Zoe stapled it back on, knowing it would reattach naturally when Ethan’s Mold infection took hold.

She also gave him Mia’s Genome Codex, insisting that he had work to do. She disappeared from sight as Ethan was forced to have dinner with the rest of the family and was later chased around the house by Jack. Zoe really began to take note of Ethan when he temporarily defeated her father and escaped from the house, becoming the first captive ever to do so. She next directed Ethan to the old house and explained as best she could that she, Mia, and the rest of her family all had their bodies contaminated with a bacterium and none of them could leave the estate until they got it out. Ethan searched the old house and his Genome Codex triggered the electronic lock for a case containing instructions on how to make the serum. They required a D-Series head and an arm. But whilst Ethan successfully located the arm, Zoe went to retrieve the head but was captured by her psychotic brother. Lucas held both Zoe and Mia hostage in the boathouse whilst he tried to dispose of Ethan, but Ethan successfully made it through the traps and recovered the D-Series head in the process. He freed Zoe and Mia and Zoe successfully made two doses of the serum. But after being forced to use one on the mutated Jack Baker who came back for one final fight, there was only one dose left. Zoe was distraught when Ethan chose to save his wife but admitted it was foolish thinking she could escape. Ethan promised to return with help but she told him not to bother as there would soon be no one left to save.

Left on her own, Zoe decided to take her chances and began to walk through the bayou to try and escape. However, Eveline could see what she was doing and triggered a unique reaction in Zoe’s infection, causing the Mold to turn white and petrify around her body. Zoe collapsed to the floor and was left in a vegetative state. The following morning, the Umbrella Corp PMC made contact and rescued Ethan and Mia after Eveline was finally killed. Chris Redfield was working alongside Umbrella as a bio-weapons specialist in ‘Operation Lurking Fear’ and Ethan asked him to rescue Zoe. Umbrella spent the next few weeks combing the surrounding area, setting up base camps and giant perimeter walls as it soon became apparent the bacterium was spreading out into the forest.

The sudden increase in activity coincided with Molded creatures appearing in the woods. Jack Baker’s brother, Joe, ventured out into the woods and found two Umbrella soldiers looking over Zoe’s comatose form. Joe was horrified at the state of his niece with the white Mold covering a majority of her body. He did not believe Umbrella were here to help and physically assaulted both operatives before dragging one back to his shack as a hostage. He believed Umbrella were the cause of what was happening and blamed it on the government doing secret tests in the area. In his eyes it explained all the helicopters that had been flying around the area recently.

As Joe frantically searched for a cure and held off attacks by the ‘swamp man’ – a further mutated Jack Baker who was still looking for his daughter, Zoe remained unconscious throughout the whole ordeal and it is unclear how exactly she remained alive all that time. Eventually, Joe finally defeated his mutated brother for good and was able to apply a full dose of the serum to Zoe and her Mold infection immediately went into remission. She soon woke up and was overjoyed to see that her uncle was okay. They were both soon secured by Chris and his team and Chris put Zoe in touch with Ethan who assured her he would get help and that he always kept his promises. For the first time in three, long years, Zoe was free of the living nightmare that had ensnared her. Although her family were dead and gone, Joe still remained and he assured her that a part of them all loved her right up until their final hour.

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