Zombie Lion

The Zombie Lion was a purpose-made Lion based B.O.W that was used to guard Alcatraz Island. The creature was made for Dylan Blake in 2015 presumably by Dr. Antonio Taylor using the modified T-Virus.

During his investigation into Blake’s activities, Leon encounters the Zombie Lion but due his vast field experience, was able to down the infected feline and even find time to take a selfie with the fallen beast and send it to Hunnigan.

Secondary Infectant

LIONESS – In September 1998, Raccoon Zoo had imported three lionesses from other facilities as part of a breeding program for Raccoon’s resident male, Max. These females were named Silfy, Angela and Jennifer and were due to stay at the zoo until the end of October, but became infected by the t-Virus during the biohazard outbreak. The effects of the virus were minimal, with only minor size increases and changes in muscular power observed. Tissue necrosis occurred in patches across their bodies and faces, giving them a disfigured and threatening appearance. The virus primarily affected their feral instinct, causing them to become much more aggressive and to attack on sight. They also showed evidence of heightened senses and their hunting ability, particularly in pairs, was much improved. Because they were all secondary infectants, any change in intelligence levels was not recorded, but the male lion, nicknamed ‘Stalker’ once infected, prowled the zoo for food and when under attack, the infected lionesses would rally round to protect him.

STALKER – Stalker was the nickname given to Max, Raccoon Zoo’s only male Lion following his infection by the t-Virus. The effects of the virus were much the same as the Lionesses with minimal changes physically other than atypical patches of skin degradation. Thanks to reduced levels of testosterone when compared to an adult human male, the lion reacted less favourably to the secretion of growth hormones and only gained minimal size and muscular advantages. The virus eroded its skin and caused patches of necrosis to appear across its body, eventually spreading to its face and leaving Stalker blinded in one eye with a disfigured appearance. In contrast, Titan’s stamina levels were heightened and it was able to jump great distances.

It also gained a highly evolved predatory instinct, far surpassing its original hunting behaviour and its sensory perception to the surrounding environment became greatly evolved. Titan attacked using its claws to drag its prey to the floor before clamping its powerful jaws over the target and leaving no chance of survival. It was also capable of calling the other lionesses’ to its cause.

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