Hector Hivers “Beltway”

Hector Hivers originated from Puerto Rico in South America before travelling to America as an immigrant. He discovered early in life that making people laugh was a good way to earn trust and friendship. As time went by, his practical jokes became more physical in nature – and often resulted in the complete humiliation of his target. When he discovered explosives could play a key role in his unique sense of humour, his future path became clear. The irresistible lure of military grade explosives saw him join the army and channel his tendencies into a career.

During his service he was ironically injured in an explosion which saw his left leg amputated below the knee. However, he was fitted with a state of the art bionic limb which allowed him to continue his service. Despite his horrific injury, he had still not learned restraint and ended up being dishonourably discharged. He was later due to be court martialled when Umbrella stepped in at the last moment and bought his services. Hivers lacked any sense of compassion and following extensive evaluations his special talents were deemed a perfect fit for the U.S.S; so long as he was managed and kept on a short leash.

In 1998 he was seconded to the new U.S.S. Delta team, code named Wolfpack. He was to be the demolition and explosives expert and given the call sign Beltway. He was monitored closely and during some early missions caused one or two problems in the field, but nothing severe enough to have him replaced on the team, though he would continue to be watched closely.

In September Beltway’s team were sent into Raccoon City to assist the U.S.S. Alpha team secure a G-Virus sample from William Birkin. That mission failed and resulted in the t-Virus infecting the entire town. Wolfpack were blamed for the incident and several days later were sent back into town to clean up their mess. They fought through City Hall, the General Hospital and the waterworks, encountering Nicholai Ginoveaf, Leon S. Kennedy, Ada Wong and the Nemesis T-Type along the way. It is unknown if Hivers made it out of Raccoon City alive.

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